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Everyday Detox Tea

Traditional Medicinal

Everyday Detox Tea
Product No: 130705


Ingredient of herbs including organic chicory root, dandelion root and schisandra fruit etc purify the liver, remove toxins and enhance liver and gallbladder function


  • Increase bile secretion to help digestion
  • Regenerate and repair liver cells
  • enhance liver and gallbladder function effectively
  • Cleanse of liver and maintain health
  • NO artifical colour, preservative and flavour


Ingredients :

Organic chicory root, Organic dandelion root, Schisandra fruit dry extract, Organic schisandra fruit, Organic lycium fruit dry extract, Organic licorice root, Organic ginger rhizome, Organic star anise fruit, Organic kukicha twig


Drink for six weeks continuously for the best effect.


1 tea bag in 8 oz boiled water and steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
2 - 3 bags a day, better taste with lemon.

Made in USA
Net weight 16 tea bags
Weight 0.20kg
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