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Pure DHA


Pure DHA
Product No: N041


ChildLife Pure DHA provides concentrated DHA in a tasty, easy to use, naturally flavored soft gel that can be chewed or swallowed

Specials :

  • DHA constitutes 40% of the brain to supports brain development & neurological growth
  • Promote healthy intestine environment for infants and prevent food allergies
  • Support healthy visual, brain and nerve development of children
  • Tested for any contaminants, PCB’s, dioxins, metals, mercury, or other toxins, and exceeds the highest standards for purity.


Ingredients :

DHA (fish)


For infants 6 months – 1 yr: 1-2 capsules daily
For children 2-4 yrs: 4-6 capsules daily
For children 5-12 yrs: 6-8 capsules daily

Made in USA
Net weight 90 soft gel
Weight 0.12kg
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Price $98.00

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