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Organic Cereal (Fruit Flavour)

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Organic Cereal (Fruit Flavour)
Product No: 90104


Quinoa offers higher nutrition than normal cereal, suitable for babies over 4 months.
100 % organic formula and ingredients. It provides your babies the purest and the most nutritious food!


  • Unique formula of rice and quinoa to offer higher nutrition.
  • Quinoa is known as "the queen of grains", it contains amino acid, Omega 3, 6 fatty acid(DHA/EPA/AA/GLA) , calcium, magnesium, iron, andvarious vitamins etc
  • that is essential to human body.
  • Best choice for babies' first solid food
Ingredients :

Rice flour, quinoa, banana, orange, pear, natural orange flavour, vitamin B1

Suitable for

Infants over 4 months
*Free of nuts, gluten, milk or milk protein, egg, sugar added,GMO, preservative, artificial colour and flavor

Made in France
Net weight 220g
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