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OKO familie

Organic Baby Care Wipe 20 sheets x 3 packs
Product No: BC103


All-natural and organic ingredients, no chemical substances,
Does not irritate sensitive skin, gentle cleansing baby tender skin


  • Over 99% of precious natural ingredients, contains German spring water, natural aloe and organic jojoba oil and natural rayon
  • German high-quality spring water, filtered through repeated high-end treatment, drinking water quality in accordance with German regulatory
  • Pass the Germany DAAB and allergic skin test, is hypoallergenic products
  • Natural aloe and organic jojoba oil skin care susceptible to irritation, providing long-term moisturizing effect
  • Smooth natural rayon, the ultimate soft texture, doubling the thickness of good moisture absorption capacity
  • Neutral pH
  • No MIT / perfume / alcohol / formaldehyde / coloring and preservatives 
Ingredients :

Water, aloe vera, jojoba oil, natural rayon

Made in Germany
Net weight 20 wipes X 3
Weight 0.50kg
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