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Kids Chesty Cough Relief
Product No: N077


Relieve respiratory and throat discomforts, to enhance immunity!

Specials :

  • Active ingredients mainly Ivy leaf extract
  • Relieve throat and respiratory discomforts due to cold or irritants inhalation
  • Relieve cough, stuffy nose, sore throat
  • Effectively reduce bronchial mucus
  • Naturally discharge phlegm
  • Natural herbal ingredients with no side effects and no drowsiness
Ingredients :

Hedera Helix equiv. 43.75mg/ml

Suitable for

Children have sputum & cough


0-2 yrs : 2.5ml, 2 times per day, 2-5 years: 2.5ml, 3 times per day

above 6yrs: 5ml, 3 times per day 

Made in Germany
Net weight 200ml
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