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Mini Sorrisi
Product No: 161505


All natural ingredients, suitable for wheat and gluten sensitive people


  • Natural gluten-free, suitable for people sensitive to gluten
  • Chocolate taste, adults and children alike
  • Cocoa sandwich cookies with milk cream filling
  • Does not contain wheat and egg
  • For breakfast or afternoon tea snacks, convenient and healthy
Ingredients :

milk cream 33% (non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, whole milk powder 22%, dextrose, sugar, lactose 16%, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavourings), maize starch, sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, maize flour, soya flour, skimmed cocoa powder 3%, whole milk powder, potato starch, salt, raising agents: ammonium and sodium hydrogen carbonate. 

Made in Germany
Net weight 100g
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