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Organic 100%Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

Organic Certificate:

Organic 100%Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil
Product No: R009


100% pure Tea Tree oil, with benefits of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, improving acne, common wart etc

Specials :

  • 100% pure tea tree oil without diluted with other vegetable oils
  • Simply spread on acne, common wart and inflammatory directly
  • Suitable for: insect bites, wounds, fungal infections (athlete's foot, Onychomycosis).
    - mix 3-5 drops into 30ml of base oil
  • For scalp, you can add 10-15 drops into shampoo & conditioner to improve dandruff, oily hair, itchy problem, etc.
Ingredients :

100% pure Tea Tree oil

Suitable for


Made in Australia
Net weight 7.4ml
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