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Red Bean Black Rice Adlay Water

Awas Tea

Red Bean Black Rice Adlay Water
Product No: 22301


Low temperature baking with the whole red bean with purple rice and barley!



  • Red beans and barley help to promote metabolism, and control weight
  • The Alday makes the skin white and bright
  • Purple rice nutrient-rich and nourishing the body
  • Healthy and natural tea
  • Slow baking
  • Triangular three-dimensional tea bag
  • Can serve in hot / cold 


Ingredients :

Red Bean,Black Rice, Adlay

Suitable for

 All people (pregnancy, lactation, menstruation period is not recommended)


Add 450cc boiling water for 1 tea bag, and then soak for 6 to 8 minutes

Made in USA
Net weight 12 tea bags
Weight 0.20kg
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Price $69.00

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