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Wall-Sprayer (Black & White color)
Product No: HC262


Fast, safe, eliminate bad smell made by bacteria and viruses ! 


  • Timed spray, can reduce the airborne allergens, kill bacteria, prevent cross-infection of bacteria
  • Spray every 30 minutes, available for more than one and a half months
  • Easy to use, just two 2 (C type) alkaline batteries will work
  • Equipped with parts, ready for wall use
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Package Size: 80mm x 135mm x 190mm
  • Can buy 950ml or 4L refill, convenient and affordable
Ingredients :

Wall-Sprayer (Black & White color)

Made in Hong Kong
Net weight 300ml
Weight 2.00kg
Get Point(s) 5
Price $250.00

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