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Orange House

Natural Orange Oil Kitchenware Cleans
Product No: HC282


Specially clean the narrow gaps that are difficult to clean, easy to rinse without residue!


  • Natural high-permeability orange oil-soluble foam, deep into narrow gaps, easy to wash away oil stains
    No harmful chemical (surfactant) residue after washing, zero fragrance is really peace of mind
  • Natural food grade orange oil, fragrance with the new mild cleaning power
  • No fluorescent agent, no chemical fragrance and pigment, wash without leaving chemical poison
  • Natural food grade orange oil, effective cleansing, antibacterial mite residue
Ingredients :

Orange oil, diethylene glycol oxime lauryl ether hydrogen sulfate sodium salt (plant coconut oil derived surfactant), sodium lauryl sulfate (plant coconut oil derived surfactant), citric acid, sodium benzoate ( Attached to China's food additive specifications)


 Spray the bubble directly on the tableware or sponge, wash it according to the dirt, then wash it with water.

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 550ml
Weight 0.70kg
Price $69.00
Over 3 Item $62.10/ Item

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