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Fewster's Farm

Organic Jarrah Honey 10+
Product No: 121101


Organic Hongliuan honey works as efficient as Manuka, can be produced once every 2 years, very precious!


  • Fewsters Farm is a Century-old brand
  • Low GI, because Hongliuan honey contains lower glucose and traces of sucrose, it is absorbed slowly in the blood, it promotes sleep and relax.
  • Contains high butyric acid, strong anti-fungal and microbial ability, helps tissue regeneration, suitable for skin burns/sunburn, fungal infections, acne, stomach upset
  • Rich in probiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Promotion of hematopoietic function and soothes discomfort throat
  • Honey is not heat treated, retaining the highest nutritional and pure taste


Ingredients :

Organic Jarrah Honey 10+

Suitable for

skin burns/sunburn, fungal infections, acne, stomach upset, sore throat etc

Made in Australia
Net weight 500g
Weight 0.90kg
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