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Orange House

dish & veggie washer (HE) Refill (Heavy grease)
Product No: HC287


Made from 100% Natural Cold-pressed Orange oil


  • Innovative orange oil micro-molecules can remove the heavy grease quick and easily
  • Passed the US AMA low sensitivity verification. 
  • Natural cold-pressed orange oil fragrance fragrance with the new mild cleaning power
  • 100% food-grade raw material, free of petrochemical poison
  • No petrochemical surfactant agent with chemical solvents and other toxic ingredients, to protect your skin
  • Non-foaming agents, no chemical fragrance and pigment, no remain
  • Natural glycerin for hand-care
  • Applies to fruits and vegetables, dishes, infant utensils


Ingredients :

Orange oil, diethylene glycol oxime lauryl ether hydrogen sulfate sodium salt (plant coconut oil derived surfactant), N-cocoguanamine propyl-N,N-dimethylglycine inner salt (plant coconut) Oil/magnetic vegetable-derived surfactant), sodium lauryl sulfate (plant coconut oil derived surfactant)

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 430ml
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