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Natural Real Walnut milk (1L)

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Natural Real Walnut milk (1L)
Product No: 22602


Suitable for people who are sensitive to cow's milk and soya milk.


  • Made from 100% non-GMO whole walnuts, Low calories
  • Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar
  • Walnuts rich in Vitamin B5, folic acid an Omega
  • No Cane Sugar or artifical sweetener added. Free from preservative
  • Zero trans fat and cholestrol
  • Sterilized for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays. Just like freshly squeezed ! Suitable for everyone, one including children year and older
  • Vegan, free from dairy, soy and gluten
  • low sodium
Ingredients :

Fresh walnut milk 94% (from whole walnuts), Sunflower seeds 5%, coocnut flower nectar 1%

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Made in Thailand
Net weight 1L
Weight 1.20kg
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