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Organic Silicon Water (Osteo)


Organic Silicon Water (Osteo)
Product No: C041


Dexsil Organic Silicon Water enhances the health of bone, hair, skin and nails through enhancing cellular growth and regeneration, assisting the formation of collagen and elastin by regulating the prolyhydroxylase, and assisting in building the connective tissue


  • Dexsil Organic Silicon Water (Original) is a drinkable food supplement with nettle. It enhances the joints flexibility and mobility and contributes to the beauty of skin, hair, nails
  • Enhances cellular growth and regeneration
  • Assists the formation of collagen and elastin by regulating the prolyhydroxylase
  • Assists in building the connective tissue
  • Ultra small silicon particles which can travel among cells freely
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity
  • Improve fragile nails
  • Prevents osteoporosis
Ingredients :

Purified water, calcium citrate salt, monomeric citric acid, bile stone, stabilizer: phosphoric acid, guar gum, xanthan gum, flavoring agent, sweetener: stevioside (stevia extract)

Suitable for

Focus on bone health people
Concerned about hair loss
People who care about skin health (skin relaxation / loss of elasticity / wrinkles)
Weak nails


Shake the bottle before taking it. Take 15ml a day


Please store in a dry room temperature environment

Made in Belgium
Net weight 1L
Weight 1.10kg
Price $193.00

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