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Sugar Free Acai Coconut Cereal


Sugar Free Acai Coconut Cereal
Product No: 161429


Free of Sugar, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Egg, GMO, Soy, Yeast! Vegan.
Good source of Protein, Anti-oxidant and Fiber, Super Cereal!


ORGRAN is the leading and trusted choice for those with special dietary requirements, enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the world. Plus, with over 80 delicious and nourishing gluten free products to choose from, you can rely on ORGRAN to keep you ‘free to feel good’!

- Acai Berry: One of the highest antioxidant fruits, provide 1120 ORAC per serving which promote metabolism, antioxidation and anti-aging
- Coconut powder containing high fiber and protein
- Chickpea and Pea are good sources of high quality protein and fiber with low allergy
- Delicious! The perfect source of naturally derived ingredients to soothe the biggest of hungers.
- Free of Sugar, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Egg, GMO, Soy, Yeast
- No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. No added MSG.


Ingredients :

 Rice Flour, Sweetener (Xylitol), Chickpea fibre, Pea Protein Isolate, Flavours (Natural Acai Berry (1.3%), Coconut Powder (0.8%), Potato Fibre, Emulsifier (Monoglyceride from Vegetable), Salt, Natural Colour.

Suitable for

 All people


 Add to milk / soy milk / plant milk, eat directly.


Made in Australia
Net weight 200
Weight 0.20kg
Price $48.00

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