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Eternal Youth Triumph

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Eternal Youth Triumph
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Protein-based supplements featuring anti-oxidant formula for the purposes of boost-up the amount of white blood cells, muscle building and rejuvenation.

Special :

  • Unique formula include plant protein (soy beans), five kinds of amino acids, essence of anti-oxidants, algae calcium, algae, vegetable enzymes, Pine Bark Extract
  • amino acids include:
    - Glutamine (necessary for brain function)
    - Proline (promote skin, cartilage, joints, muscle health)
    - Arginine (improve semen quality, liver detoxification, immunity, production of collagen protein)
    - Lysine (improve insomnia, lack of appetite, memory, calcium absorption, immune system)
    - Ornithine (enhance muscle function and to inhibit muscles decomposition)
  • Anti-oxidants formula include blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, apple fiber, Pine Bark Extract (OPCs powerful anti-oxidants)
  • Contain algae calcium (water soluble) easily absorbed by the skin 
  • Especially for those who would like to boost up immunity
Ingredients :

vegetable protein (soy beans), five kinds of amino acids, anti-oxidation essence, algae calcium, algae, plant enzymes, Pine Bark Extract (Pine Bark)

Suitable for

For: physical fitness, slow metabolism, rejuvenation
Note: herpes patients should seek advise from doctor or nutritionist before take

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